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What You Should Know About Modafinil

Life can be exhausting. We’ve families to take care of besides our ever demanding jobs. However, we must always remember that we have to pay our bills. This has led man to look for alternative ways of coping with these challenges. One solution is the magic word “smart drugs.” To some, this is a magic pill that keeps them going amid all the hustles and bustles of life. Smart drugs have come to help man to increase brain power, and become more efficient, effective, and productive.

Of the many smart drugs in the market, one has received more attention— Modafinil. Forum about Modafinil will help you learn more about this smart drug.

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What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a nootropic or a smart drug that will assist you in boosting your cognitive abilities. Although we have several smart drugs, Modafinil has stood out among them due to some reasons which include:

  • Isn’t Addictive. Some smart drugs may result in addiction, but Modafinil will not, actually it may assist you in fighting addiction.
  • Not a Stimulant. Although Modafinil is believed to act as a stimulant, it’s a eugeroic (a drug that promotes wakefulness). Using Modafinil will not result in any withdrawal symptoms or crash if you stop using the drug as most smart drugs do.
  • Few or No Side Effects. Any drug user is concerned about the side effects of the drug they are using. Modafinil has been proved to be safe as it presents minimal or no side effects especially if you don’t abuse the drug. Some side effect of taking this drug may include headache, Insomnia, nausea, and stomachache, but remember these side effects are present in a very small group of individuals.a picture of the brain

Recommended Dosage

A healthy adult should take 30-50mg of Modafinil, and this should be in the morning unless they work at night. You should take this drug with food. When you take Modafinil, you’re able to stay awake for approximately 10-12 hours.

Who Should Use Modafinil?

If you suffer from sleep disorders, you can benefit from Modafinil. The drug will help you to have better clarity as it will improve your focus. This is essential for those suffering from narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy arises due to a dysfunction of the wakefulness enhancing peptides; these peptides are referred to as orexins. Scientists believe taking Modafinil will activate these neurons and increase motivation.


Individuals on Modafinil have reported an improvement in mood. You should also remember dopamine plays a critical role in promoting mood; thus, these two substances must have a similarity.

Individuals taking Modafinil are more focused and productive, this is the same effect for those using caffeine, but the effects of Modafinil will be longer, and the user will not experience any jitters.

Since this drug exerts wakefulness on the user, most students in the universities and colleges use this drug, especially in times of competitive exams. But before you start using Modafinil, it’s vital to seek the opinion of your doctor to avoid any risks. The same applies to any cognitive enhancing supplements.