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How to Get the Right Kratom Dosage

Kratom plant is traced back to Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. The plant is closely related to the coffee plant, but the effects of using it are stronger. The locals have used it for hundreds of years as a stimulant, sedative, and an herbal remedy.
One common use of the kratom leaves from all kratom plants is for painkilling. The leaves contain opiate-like sedative effects that help alleviate pain within a short time after using.

If you are a beginner kratom user, we will equip you with the best tips on the dosage. Let’s get started.

How is kratom consumed?

pounding kratom leavesThere are several ways you can use to introduce kratom into your body. The native kratom growers usually chew fresh kratom leaves after getting rid of the fibrous leave stalk. Dried kratom leaves can also be eaten, although they are rougher and harder. The best way to take dried kratom leaves is by pounding them into a powder form and then mix the powder with water for easy swallowing. Other alternative ways include adding kratom powdered leaves to yogurt, fruit juice, milk, or tea.

How can you turn dried kratom leaves into powder?

A kitchen mixer or coffee grinder can easily do the trick. You insert the dried kratom leaves in either of the two, turn them one, and set them to crush at high speed. However, do not worry about pounding kratom leaves as most kratom dealers sell it in powdered forms.

How do you measure the right dosage?

getting the right kratom dose on weighing scaleA measuring scale is the best gadget you can use to measure the right kratom dose. Kratom is usually taken in smaller doses of grams, so finding a measuring range that can accurately measure small doses like 5 grams is important. There are much cheaper and modern scales available out there in the market that can effectively serve this purpose.

Some people measure a kratom dosage in terms of volume as opposed to weight. Using this method can produce inaccurate results depending on how fine the kratom leaves have been ground. A teaspoon of finely ground kratom powder is heavier than a teaspoon of medium ground kratom powder. The recommended daily dosage for kratom is 1-5grams. If you are a beginner, start with a smaller dose and slowly increase it until you get the desired effects.